How Do You Make $100 To $200 A Day In Just 3 Steps

This is a very good question. Lucky for you, i have the answer and can reveal how you can make $100-$200 a day in just 3 steps. If you want to know more, then read on and lets get stuck in.

Making money online will always require you taking a wide variety of steps. There is no getting away from this fact. It can be any number of steps but the fact remains, it does entail taking action.

I am sure you will see articles telling you to take an amount of steps to making money and this does ring true. It’s the type of steps that you take that can make the difference and in this article, we are going to be discussing just 3 steps i suggest you take to make money online.

Which 3 Steps Should You Take

The steps all depend on the goals that you want to achieve and how you implement them. When i talk about steps, what i really reffer to is certain cogs in a well oiled machine. With any workingmachinery, the better the parts work together, the better the smoother that machine will run and this is true in making money online. As long as the components all work together and run smoothly, the end objective can be easily achieved.

Looking at todays internet status, it soon becomes clear that you need 3 vital components, Website, Video and Email. I know many people state that you can make money without a website and that is true if you use different methods of making money but for this particular method, you want to become an authority, you want to offer trust and value and more importantly, you want customers to be comfortable spending money with you.

Our 3 steps includes having a webiste, a YouTube channel and an email list. Once these components are in place and up and running, they run together liked a well oiled machine that can churn money out whenever you desire. So lets talk about these components and the steps totake to get them working for you.

The 3 Components – How They Work

Basically how all this fits together is something like this. You have a website, you send traffic to your YouTube channel and also offer something to get subscribers on to your list. All this forms the first part of your machine. The 2nd part is formed through your YouTube channe. You simply send traffic from your YouTube videos to your website and option page. Either way, you will still get subscribers onto your list. The 3rd part of this well oiled machine is the email list that you are building. You will be sending subscribers to your website posts and YouTube videos. So how does this help?

By putting these 3 components into action is going to have a huge effect on every element. You website is going to earnb authority and rank better. This brings in more free traffic and potential subscribers. You YouTube channel is also going to gain authroity and your videos are goijg to rank better. This again is going to atrract more free traffic and more subscribers. Finally, your email list is going to grow and this is where the real big money is, in the list.

How To Implement The 3 Steps

Putting all this together requires you taking just 3 steps. Creating the right content on your website by promoting the right offers and giving people somethig to get them on to your list at the same time. Creating a YouTube channel and offering great video content for your viewers. Building your list and driving traffic to your blog, YouTube videos and marketing to them good offers that they may be interested in purchasing.

As you can see, this is a great piece of the puzzle that solves how anyone can make money online. More importantly, it teaches you how you can potentially make $100-$200 a day in Just 3 Steps that anyone can do.

Are you ready to take these steps?

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