Launch Jacking – Your Ranking Issues Solved

If you do launch jacking the worst thing that could happen is spending time on your review page, putting in all the hard work and the dam thing not ranking or even getting indexed on time for the launch. It’s happened to me so many times before and it is very annoying, not to mention inconvenient. I here many people talking about their content isn’t indexed or ranking and in this article, Im going to put your mind at rest with some of my little secret tips to solve that issue for you.

I certainly dont expect Google to do me any favours when it comes to getting indexed and ranked in their search results. I am happy in the comfort of knowing that Google will eventually index and start ranking my review page. Having said that, it still doesn’t solve the launch jacking mystery on how to get a review page indexed and ranking in time for the launch of the product that is being promoted.

Well, lucky for you guys, Im going to throw in some handy little snippets to help you to help Google to get things moving. I’m not going to bore you with telling you what you need and what you don’t need.Basically for launch jacking, a website and a YouTube channel are the base tools needed and you can acquire both for no cost.

Before I start, let me just say..what I do is how i choose to do things..i don’t really care what others are doing or how they do things, if someone thinks they are right or wrong. I do things that work for me. There is a saying, ” what works for one may not necessarily work for another” and that is the case in many things in life and on the internet but I can assure you of one thing, this WILL work for you so let’s get right into it.

Planning – Pay Very Close Attention To This

#1 – Allow 3 days for your review site to be indexed
#2 – Allow 3 days for any backlinks to get indexed / picked up / to come into effect

I don’t care what anyone says here..don’t punch out a review page, get backlinks and expect it all to come together in an instant or day or isn’t going to matter what anyone tries to tell you..unless you have a super webiste that has gained super authority and Google is so far up your butt you almost get pleasure every time you rank, it just isn’t going to happen, period. The only way that is really going to happen is if you try to rank for a real crappy keyword that no one on earth would even attempt to rank for and the competition is non existant.

This is where the planning comes into play. Take special note of #1 and #2 above if you are considering launch jacking.

It’s All In The Timing

Ok, so as mentioned, it’s all in the planning and this is so true. Don’t rush, products are being launched every single day so there are plenty of opportunities for you to go at. Time the launch right and you could be making some serious commissions which is basically the whole idea with launch jacking. The important thing is that you plan and get everything in order and i mean everything in order right from the start. So lett’s get started and get it right from the start.

Step #1- Plan Your Launch Perfectly

When looking for products to promote, allow yourself at least 5 days prior to the launch. It’s going to take 3 of those days to get your review content indexed and ranking. Video is very different, which we will talk about a little later.

So you have 3 days for indexing + 2 days to get your content together and start builidng some links. Now here’s the kicker. The very first thing you want to be doing ( after you have applied for your affiliate link) is creating the link for your review site..Write the title of your post, add all relevant tags, add an image and publish..don’t worry about content at this have 3 days. Believe me when I say, i have ranked review pages with no content get the link asap and worry about content later.

Once you have created your link, use the share buttons on your site and share the post (stop worrying about content for crying out loud), just share the dam link..

Once you have shared your link everywhere you can, you can now start creating off site content to your review have 2 days to do the first 2 days, you create content and post it I use Syndlab to post to Tumble, Medium Blogger, WordPress and every other account I have on there…how you publish content is entirely up to you. The main purpose here is to get some links to your review site ready for when Google indexes it in 3 days time..

In my next article I am going to talk further about back links, creating your review video and also more ranking snippets so be sure to check back guys..bookmark this page or even share it if you feel that others may benefit from it..

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